Terms of service

This Terms and Conditions is a legally binding and enforceable agreement between Efez Games - Jakub Pokorski (“SkinApe”, “we”, “us”, “our”, “the Application” or “The Administrator”) and you, a person or entity whom you represent while using the SkinApe application (“you” or “The User”).

1. The User may have only one account per person. In the case of detecting any other accounts of the User, the Administrator issues bans to all of the Accounts of the User.

2. Registration in the Application means acceptance of these Terms and Conditions.

3. Using the application is free of charge. The User is able to download the application for free from the Google Play store and Apple AppStore.

4. Virtual currency "Coins" is provided free of charge and can be acquired by completing free tasks. Coins are not real money, and do not have a monetary value.

5. Registration in the application means that the User consents to the processing of personal information. The method and scope of personal information processing is described in the Privacy Policy.

6. The User agrees to provide an accurate information to the SkinApe application at all times. Failure to do so may result in the account ban

7. The User agrees to use SkinApe application in a way that does not disrupt the service for other users.

8. The Administrator reserves the right to adjust a coin balance in case of returned, incomplete, duplicated, cancelled or fraudulent transactions.

9. The User has 3 days to redeem the reward after the item became tradable. When User's account doesn't have an activated Steam Guard option this period will be extended to 19 days. The extension of the payout term can come into force after the User tries to withdraw pending item. Afterwards, the Administrator has no obligation to re-send this item to the user.

10. When completing a task from one of our offer suppliers, you are obliged to follow the rules provided by the supplier.

11. The Administrator reserves the right to ban accounts that are showing suspicious activity, including by:

  • using VPN, proxy or TOR

  • infringing third party rights when using or accessing the Application

  • using modified, non authorized version of the SkinApe application

  • using any bot, spider or other automatic device or process to access the Application for any purpose

12. The Application may contain links to other websites or material that are beyond our control. We are not responsible for the content on any third party website. We are not be liable for any damage caused from third party offers or surveys.

13. We reserve the exclusive right to the data and content in our application. Except as permitted by the copyright law applicable to you, you may not reproduce, or communicate any of the content on this website without written permission from the Administrator.

14. We are in no way affliated with or endorsed by the Valve corporation, Counter Strike: Global Offensive, Steam or any other trademarks of the Valve corporation.

Premium Subscription
1. Some parts of the Application are billed on a subscription basis ("Subscription(s)"). Subscription provides access to an additional content in the Application on an ongoing basis. Subscriptions may be available at different fees chargeable for a set period of 30 days. Payment will be billed on the User’s account in a third party platform (such as AppStore or Google Play) when the User confirms the Subscription by available confirmation tools within the Application

2. Trial Subscription is offered free of charge for a set period of 3 days from the activation. In case the User does not cancel the Subscription within such period, Subscription Fee shall be taken from User’s relevant third party account when the trial period expires. User’s Subscription begins immediately after the activation of a trial Subscription. User may cancel a Subscription during its free trial period using the Subscription setting of User’s account in the relevant platform account (such as AppStore or Google Play). The Administrator cannot cancel your free-trial subscription if it has already been activated.

3. Subscription is automatically renewable, unless the User turns such Subscription off at least 24 hours before the expiry of the current Subscription. Subscription Fee shall be taken from User’s relevant platform account (such as AppStore or Google Play) during 24 hours preceding the expiry of the current Subscription. In case Subscription Fee cannot be taken from User’s account due to absence of monetary funds, invalidity of credit card or for any other reasons, the Subscription is automatically cancelled.

4. Once the User has bought a Subscription, User can manage it and switch off automatic renewal at any time after the purchase in the settings of User’s account in third party platform (AppStore or Google Play). If Subscription has already been activated, the User can cancel the Subscription at any time and the cancellation will take effect after the end of the last day of that subscription period.

5. Except when required by law, paid Subscription Fees are non-refundable.

6. The Administrator in its sole discretion and at any time may modify the Subscription Fee. Any Subscription Fee change will become effective at the end of the current Subscription period. User will be provided a reasonable prior notice of any change in Subscription Fee. If the User does not take an action to agree to the change of a Subscription Fee, such User’s Subscription shall expire at the end of the current Subscription period.

7. The User agrees that all billing and transaction processes are handled third party platform operators (AppStore or Google Play), from which platform User has downloaded the Application, and are governed by such platforms terms and conditions. If the User has any payment related issues, such User need to contact the platform operator directly. The Administrator is not a party to such an agreement between the User and platform operator and shall not be liable for any obligations or damage rising thereof.